Consistent with our Vision statement “Equitable healthcare promotes the development of healthy society and precedes transition to a sustained development which we owe to our future generation.” And therefore mission  “To generate knowledge that catalyses’ public health research and policy to save lives in marginalized countries, with concurrent development of manpower” our four major areas of research and action include:

1. Efficacy and effectiveness trials of various public health interventions (Preventive, Promotive & Curative) that can inform public health policy in India and other LMIC countries. The focus so far has been on maternal and child health, however currently we are in a process of expanding to non-communicable diseases (Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiac Disease). As the projects undertaken would provide the detail we have pioneered community based intervention trials of multiple interventions (Zinc & Iron supplementation, Probiotic supplementation, Biofortified products, diarrhea management strategies including Rota virus vaccine) with state of art methodologies and international standards evidenced by publications in front-end journals like Science, NEJM, Lancet, Lancet Global Health.

2. Development of first Maternal & Pediatric Biobank for Omics Research in Developing Countries supported by state-of-art laboratory systems in Africa (Pemba, Tanzania)

3. Undertaking of meta-analysis for issues of relevance in Maternal & Child Health in developing countries to provide evidence based policy decisions and inform WHO global health recommendations.

4. Development of young scientific manpower in expertise relevant to the above areas.