“Effect of Zinc Supplementation on acute diarrhoea, persistent diarrhoea and dysentery of young children” was the first randomized controlled trial conducted in India which demonstrated the effect of zinc supplementation on diarrheal morbidity and led to revision of program recommendations to include zinc as a treatment for diarrhoea by WHO/ UNICEF/IAP/ Govt. of India

Our study on effect of zinc supplementation on SGA children were the first to demonstrate the effect of zinc supplementation on mortality.

We are the first to demonstrate the sustained effect of milk fortification on the executive functioning of children.

CPHK has carried out large community-based clinical trials in Pemba Island (Tanzania) and India. Our research has been supported by grants from national and international funding agencies including the U.S. NIH, Indian Council for Medical Research, Wellcome Trust, Gates Foundation DBT, and WHO.

Our recent achievement includes establishment of a state of the art Bio-bank in Pemba Island, Zanzibar as part of AMANHI collaborative project. This is one of the first Bio-banks of its kind in a remote community based setting with a complete array of samples from mother, child and father.

Establishment of Mobile Clinic for better community outreach and study implementation.

Development of an innovative and efficient Dietary Intake Software to be used in an upcoming WHO sponsored Trial.