Center for Public Health Kinetics was setup to evaluate intervention packages that can be scaled up and fill the needs of National Rural Health Mission in India
Community based randomized control trial to evaluate effect of using Chlorhexidine for cord care on neonatal mortality and incidence on omphalitis.
Evaluating newer methods for estimation of mortality and cause of death.
Community based trial to evaluate effect of micronutrient fortification of yoghurt on development in school children.
Community based randomized clinical trials evaluating effects of iron/Folic acid supplementation on childhood mortality and severe morbidity in malaria endemic areas.
Evaluation of delivery of iron-folic acid supplementation in presence of anti-malarial/ antibiotic cover.
Testing of program options- Community based Randomized clinical trial for effect of zinc supplementation on mortality and severe morbidity in children.
Community based randomized trials or zinc and micronutrient supplementation in SGA born infants on Mortality morbidity, and development and both during supplementation period and a 4 year follow up of these children for long term effects on growth and child development.
Acceptability and compliance studies for home based fortification strategies with weaning food or sprinkles, and design of intervention trail for testing fortification strategy as a deliver mechanism for zinc and iron.
Effect of iron deficiency and or Anaemia on child development, activity and reversibility of these effects.
Methodological work for
Activity assessment using active watch with observations using observer and palm-based software.
Social referencing observer versus Palm bases program.
Social environment assessments, ZPP and RDW as measures of iron deficiency in non-malaria and malaria populations in comparison conventional gold standards.
Evaluating ethology and molecular genetics for clinically severe malaria – Parasite load using newer antigen testing, parasite genetics and host protein characteristics.
Development of GIS system for a community based trial of Whole Island and its application in analysis of morbidity, mortality and epidemiology of malaria.